Mott Visuals Wedding Photography, Destination Wedding Photography, Charleston South Carolina, Justin Mott, Wedding photography USA,

Mott Visuals Wedding Photography, Destination Wedding Photography, Charleston South Carolina, Justin Mott, Wedding photography USA,

Client Testimonials

Suellen and Craig 

Hoi An, Vietnam 

July 4th, 2012 

"Hi Justin, 

Well you have now moved to "god like" status at my work! The girls have all just had a slide show experience and the oohs, and aagghs amongst the crowd was just fantastic. 

Thanks again for capturing the day for us Justin. I realise that we dont have one of you from the day!!! 

Hoping that everything is going well for you in Hanoi and that the expo has generated some work. 

I am now on your marketing team and singing your praises, so if any of these women have an Asian wedding, I will be sure to recommend you!! 

Take care and talk soon! 

Suellen " 

Kali and Dan 

Koh Samui 

Feb, 2015 


"Hi Ganesa 

Thanks for your email and your congrats! Our wedding day was absolutely wonderful - even better than we could have hoped for.  

We both had a terrific experience with Mott Visuals, from start to finish. Yourself and Claire were so helpful and very prompt in answering our questions and helping us to select the package that was right for us. The communication channels were always open and clear, and you were always very friendly and accommodating. Thank you! 

Meeting Justin via Skype prior to the wedding gave us confidence that he was the right photographer for us - he made us feel very confident in our choice.  

Justin and Aaron were fantastic to "work" with on the day. They made us feel really comfortable and the experience was a lot of fun. It was sad to see them leave for the night - it felt like they were old friends! They're obviously both extremely creative and it was fascinating seeing them at work. 



Trang and Patrick Sharbaugh 

Hoi An 

Dec, 2014 


"We couldn't possibly be happier with the care we received from Mott Visuals' for our wedding in Hoi An, Vietnam. The photographer, Christian Berg, was in touch with us months before the wedding date. On the day of the wedding, he was everywhere he needed to be yet also unobtrusive. The photos themselves were virtuosic: more like individual artworks than documentary snapshots (choosing just a handful to mount and frame was an excruciating task). The attention to detail and to our personalized needs -- before, during, and after our wedding -- was a hallmark of our experience with Mott Visuals."  

Pris and Serge Sanarica 



"Mott Visuals did a very good job, they made us feel very comfortable and helped us in anyway possible. Although Aaron and Christian have constantly been around, taking pictures, they did never disturb our wedding celebrations, and were very friendly and entertaining to our guests. We can highly recommend MOTT VISUALS!" 

Leslie and Robert Bateman 

Boston, Massachusetts 

New Years Eve 2012 

"Pictures we've seen so far are SO FANTASTIC. I am so in love with them. Almost as much as I love Rob, or maybe more (jk).Cannot even begin to tell you how many calls/texts/emails I've gotten from people who were blown away with your work. And I'm not talking about the typical "you looked so pretty in your wedding photos" kind. I'm talking "I have never seen wedding photos like this before". and our friends don't live under rocks! “ 


Sarah and Adam Sinaigo 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

October 6th, 2012 

“Again, I can't thank you enough. I've gotten so many inquiries about you, your style of photography and what your schedule is like. Lets hope they all pan out! I don't want to feed your ego, but you're truly amazing. You made our wedding unforgettable. :). You are a photog god! Thank you so much for making this even so memorable. I loved getting to know you on a more personal level and can't wait for you to shoot our one-year anniversary next year! “ 

Hai and Van 

Married Christmas Day 2011 

Saigon, Vietnam 

"Dear Justin, 

I must have to say that your photos are the ones that I love the most. SO beautiful!!! I dont know what words I should use to describe how I love them. OMG I love every picture you took, and I cannot wait to receive your DVD to share with all my friends. Are those edited too Justin?  

Again Justin, thank you so much for putting your enthusiasm into it. I really love your performance and your products. I will definately refer you to anyone who looks for a passionate and talent photographer like you. THANK YOU!! " 


Van and Hai 

Kim and Mark Griffin 

Married October 11th, 2010 

Nha Trang, Vietnam 

"We are now back in Singapore, unfortunately back to reality! Just wanted to give you and Nick the biggest thank you for doing such a fantastic job at the wedding! All of us were incredibly happy with the both of you and we are so lucky to have had you guys on the day! Once again...more " the biggest thank you for all of your wonderful help on the actual day also! Thanks."  


Jai & Ishiah Flicker 

Married September 12th, 2009 

San Francisco, California 

"Sorry it has taken so long to connect with you, it has been an extrememly busy time. I hope that you are happy and healthy and enjoyed the holidays. (if you celebrate in Vietnam?) I cannot express to you how much I love our wedding photos! It is beyond words. Not only are they spectacular...more " and beautiful, and interesting, every single person in my world has said that these photos are, by far, the best wedding photos they have ever seen! I have been printing up little gifts for friends and family, and we did an amazing slideshow on his father's 60th birthday. I just want to thank you again, for being you. While we were in Thailand we tried to take many photos. If either of us saw an interesting shot, or wanted to get all crazy we would grab the camera and yell "I'm going Justin." Then we would try to get a photo that looked like yours, but alas.... ;) You're fantastic. You're talented. Thank you.  


Cynthia & Marcus Ho 

Married May 27th, 2010 

Hanoi, Vietnam 

"Marcus and me would like to say a big THANKS to you, Nick and the lovely Quynh! You guys are great!! Your good humor and Nick's enthusiasm definitely make the grueling day so much better :) We were impressed by your professionalism and your positive attitude. Keep up the good work guys!!...more " We're so excited and can't wait to see the final product. Will definitely recommend u to our friends back home if they are thinking of doing a destination shoot. Drop us a note when the photos are ready and keep in touch!! Please send our regards to Nick and Quyen. Lots of love." 


Ce Ce and Jonathan Yip 

Los Angeles, CA 


"Our wedding photographer, Justin Mott was a perfect match for our wedding in Santa Monica, CA. We didn't want your typical staged or unnatural looking wedding photos. Justin captured every moment perfectly, especially moments we missed with some of our guests. Our photos turned out amazing, because Justin researched the exact time to get the perfect lighting on the beach at sunset. We highly recommend Justin's services for any special event you want to keep forever." 



Alan & Misha LeClair 

San Francisco, CA 

April 22, 2006 

"Justin Mott is a truly unique photographer. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he has a view of the world that is only his. He brought a personal touch to our wedding photos and fit in beautifully on the wedding day. His journalistic style meant that our wedding photos were truly ours, not some impression of what wedding photos should be or a copy of what everyone else's photos are. I would highly recommend Justin for any bride and groom. You will get stunning photos from a professional who is fun, caring and great to work with."