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How many photographers do you use? 

We offer packages with one and two photographers.  

If you choose our two-photographer package we have a list of trusted Mott Visuals Associate Photographers from all over the world. We typically recommend using our 2-photographer package because it offers a wider spectrum of coverage on your special day insuring we don’t miss any moments.  

What is your style? 

My background is as a professional photojournalist so my style can best be described as documentary. I’m often covering current events that only happen once and telling stories with my photography for major publications. I use my experience in story telling and capturing candid moments to tell the story of your wedding day. Our style is non-obtrusive, we prefer you forget we are there (don’t’ worry we won’t leave) and to go about your day naturally as we work around you. For the portrait session of course we will guide you and your family in order to capture thoughtful images. Details? We capture all those details you spent months carefully picking out, we understand how important they are. Family Portraits? We take traditional family potraits that will please your parents and more unique portraits that will please you and your friends. 


How do you charge clients and what is delivered? 

We don’t charge by the hour we charge by the day because we like to be there for every moment so our day starts and ends when you want it to.  

We have a variety of packages to choose suited for a variety of budgets. Our packages have options for wedding albums, online galleries, and custom USB's. Our packages are all inclusive including expenses so you don't have to worry about airfare and travel rates. Tell us your desitination and we will send you a quote. 

How long in advance do we need to book you? 

Today. Just kidding, obviously sooner is always better to insure we are available on your date but choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision so make sure you take your time.  

Where are you available to shoot and where are you based? 

We can go anywhere. We specialize in destination weddings so we are use to traveling and shooting in new locations. Justin splits his time in between SE Asia and San Francisco so all quotes are done based out of the region closest to your wedding. Meaning don’t worry about paying for us to come all the way from SE Asia if your wedding is in Los Angeles. If your wedding is in LA our quote is done based out of San Francisco. If your wedding is in Thailand or Vietnam your quote is based out that country. Hope that all makes sense, if it doesn’t please feel free to email or call me.  

How do we hire you?  

Just call or email for a quote. Everything can be done online from payment to the contract. If you decide to hire us we can have a formal contract emailed over to you and once we receive the retainer your date is locked into our calendar and you can be sure we will be there. You can call at anytime if you have any questions.